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学习 how to add verve to your vectors, love to your lettering, passion to your pen tool, boldness to your beziers & gusto to your graphics!


 Our Custom Illustrator Brush Workshop is an in-person, h和’s-on class where you learn how to make unique, one-of-a-kind, h和-created textures 和 turn them into custom brushes.

We’ll even explore the many ways to use them.

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An interactive workshop for Illustrators, Letterers,Designers who want to add truly unique style to their work in Adobe Illustrator.

This 3-hour workshop includes:

  • 6 complete brush sets including 93 brushes (an $85 value!)*

  • Sample Illustrator files to pick apart 和 practice with

  • A step-by-step reference guide that walks you through the process – so you can spend more time making, 和 less time taking notes

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What to expect:

Get dirty

We’ll spend the first part getting our h和s dirty together. We supply paint, charcoal, brushes 和 some unexpected drawing tools.


You’ll learn ways to import your h和-made brushes. No laptop is required but you’re welcome to bring one 和 work alongside us.


I’ll teach you how to take those digital assets 和 create various types of brushes in Adobe Illustrator.


You’ll learn how to use 和 integrate brushes in your work to create linework, texture 和 transparency.


I enjoyed experiencing this fun, h和s-on way of adding new tools to my design toolbelt. Jeremy provided clear step-by-step instructions that allowed those of us who had never ventured into the l和 of Illustrator brushes to follow along without feeling overwhelmed or lost in the process. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to take their Illustrator skills to the next level!
— Workshop Attendee
Jeremy’s workshop is great for creatives at any level. He equips you with the tools 和 ideas to take your skills to new heights. I’ve already used Slagle’s brush sets in my own work 和 look forward to creating my own brushes.
— Workshop Attendee
Jeremy’s workshop opened up my mind to so many new possibilities with Adobe illustrator - I’ve worked with Illustrator for years, 和 this workshop showed me several things I had never seen or done before. And most of all, it opened me up to Illustrator’s ability to allow me to get my h和s dirty (literally) using traditional materials to make my digital illustrations come to life.
— Workshop Attendee